Coleford Town Council

Coleford Town Council is open between the hours of:

9.30 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday

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Welcome to the Coleford Town Council website. If you want information about the town, or to find out what’s going on or are looking for somewhere to stay please click on this link

Coleford Town Council looks after the parish of Coleford which covers the town centre and the surrounding settlements of Milkwall, Coalway, Broadwell and Mile End. It is one of the larger parishes in the district with approximately 8500 inhabitants and over 4000 properties.

The parish of Coleford was formed in 1894 when local government was first created. Prior to this Coleford was part of the medieval parish of Newland. It was a parish Council for many years until 1997 when it became a Town Council. This meant that the town Councillors were then able to elect a Mayor.

This aim of this administration are to make sure that Coleford parish is a vibrant developing community,

To achieve these objectives the Council has put together a four year business plan. This includes several major projects like the creation of the new Tourist Information Centre which is up and running by a dedicated team of volunteers. Small improvements can have a big impact like the freestanding planters in and around the town and at the gateway entrances.

The biggest project however is the new Bells Field Recreation ground. This facility opened in September 2108, and provides a natural green recreation area for both old and young with a skate park, multi games area, trim trail, wildlife garden, WW1 Memorial garden and an amphitheatre for small theatrical performances.

If you would like to know more about the Town Council you are welcome to call in during normal working hours. All our meetings are open to the public or you can contact us through this website.