Coronation Weekend Update!

Coleford Town Centre


Our Coronation Event is now getting near, with just over a week to go!! 

We hope you are able to come and join with us, for this Historic Event!
As part of the Coronation weekend activities and in the spirit of King Charles’s wishes, having had the 'Proms Style' Event and unveiling of the commemorative stone on the Saturday (stone unveiling approx. 3:00pm / 3:15pm), to encourage community gatherings on the Sunday for the 'Big Lunch' alongside the drama Event at the Baptist Church: 3 Acres + a Cow.
Then, Monday for residents to get busy tidying and enhancing the Parish, as part of a ‘Coronation Spring Clean’, either attached to known volunteer groups, or with friends and neighbours, taking a Pride in Coleford!
Look out for updates, including further details about the food & beverage free £5.00 voucher, timings and upcoming competitions!
Traders, don’t forget about getting busy with the Coronation themed shop window competition! You should have already received a letter and more information is available from the Town Council, if needed.
To be judged on the day!